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Chicken Time

March 13, 2010

Today…well its fugly out but last Saturday was just fine.

So last Saturday we decided to turn a chicken. Not any chicken, but one from our cool farmer. Yup I've gone rural. Next you just may see a tractor tire garden and then I may just get me a John Deere lawn tractor.

Well we got this chicken from Thibert Farms … …in Comber. This guy has the right idea. Not organic, better. He does things proper. The chicken ran around did chicken stuff then got whacked. Hormone free, this is real chicken, BUT there is a downside… these boys got big… we got a 13 pounder and this bad boy was around 8 lbs. My produce lady Mimi tells me that yes chickens get that big in the country. She often laffs at me. BTW she should be open soon…I see produce in m future. Okay back to the story. Well Mr Thibert wants to be “your personal farmer” so cool and he has a flour mill…too cool baby.

The wine. Well we had a cunombrum. I wanted Chardonnay and Terry wanted Sauv Blanc, so we loaded up the Jetta to go to MacGregor and see Mr. Sanson.

Sanson Estates is a superb winery with the exact idea I believe in. We were greeted by a nice smile and an offer of soup…Yup soup…BTW Dennis is a chef and it shows in the wine. Behind the counter is the meat shelf….real proper grown beef, and Berkshire pork….the quality of these meats are excellent. I got some of his coffee blend and man its good too!!!. Come summer there will be veg too. My one stop for dinner.

His wines are very good. Better known for reds and Baco, I really love his whites. By now you know that I prefer whites or delicate reds (goes with the food I like too). His whites are just soooo refined. We went for the Chardonnayy and Sauv Blanc but the attendee suggested Riesling for dinner. Ahhh Riesling, the wine of the Gods, nectar of Alsace and Germany. Food friendly, to be sure. I am so confused.

The Riesling had a great nose, a wee sense of petrol, floral, wonderful taste. The Chardonnay was spectacular, so refine and then the Sauv Blanc, French in style but such nice tones. I am confused so I buy all three and as I was at the Harrow meet and greet I got the case deal….so four of each but what to serve.

Back home, I bunged the wine in the wine fridge and put on some Bob Marley to cook with. The chicken was about 8 lbs so I oiled him up doused him in Herbes de Provence, sea salt and pepper. Just let him chill then speared him on the skewer. The bar-b-q was ready to go…..wood chips were soaked and I used the one skill that Massey taught me (even tho I didn't partake) rolling a fatty. Just put on some Grateful Dead or Bob Marley in this case and you will be inspired. Poke some holes in it…Oops. Like man I gapped…soak your chips for about 20 minutes and put inside before you roll.

I have a rotissier burner on my bbq so there is a little shelf to put the chips on. I bought the “official” tube but its a pain. Rolling paper…oops gapped again….foil just works fine for me… those sheets at the dollar store and the work just fine.

One problem with the rotissier is that it takes time and alot of gas. That's ok…we had some of my lager…funny thing it was so foamy when we bottled, that I feared that It would explode… but it just slowed way down…it has less fizz now than when we bottled and we used table sugar to prime for the secondary fermentation(carbonation) and man was it sweet….some lime solved that issue. So 2-3 hrs later and alot of drinks we have chicken….oh yes did save the fat…milk of the God's and great to cook with.

Well what wine did we serve…… well lets think….some spice, smoke, chicken….Ummm well what culture smokes alot of meat and makes wine??????? Well Germans… we had the Riesling….It was a wonderful combination…just perfect. Sides were a Potato tort from Mario Batali…very nice.

The other wine…we threw them out..NOT…we had a Chardonnay, then the Sauv Blanc. All were great and I will review soon. We had a great time.

Remember this was a 20 minute meal….ok these were Idaho potatoes but we could have used the ones from Comber…..meat local and REAL, not Organic but REAL. My friends, Organic isn't necessarily better, its just more money. Fresh Local from a farmer who treats his product with respect and employs proper methods gets better result. Like Twin Pines, Wild Acre Cattle, Father Wants Beef, Ewe Dell and Sanson, these farm products are excellent quality and as good as and probably better than organic.

Match the food with the local wine and you get a symbiotic relationship and that results in good meals and fun.


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