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RIP Old Friend

March 1, 2010

Well, what do you do if you find a bottle of our favourite wine and you… like are in a good mood and like just want to enjoy.

Me I say, friend its your time, life is like a river and all must pass and flow into the sea at their time. This wine , well it was its time. Like the “big buck in the forest” on the first day of deer season; this bad boy was done.

So lets look at it… (yes)…naw…its too good…and I had already ate…….music…yes….I was just chillin.

So away we go….

Wine Muscedere 07 Pinot Noir….the infamous gold Medal Winner….this wine has gotten me into BIG TROUBLE in the past…but hey…..who cares its that good.

Visual: Brilliant, bright…nice legs (I am not allowed to define my leggs anymore)

Aroma: cherries….cherries…cherries and forest floor….classic…..Pinot smells like this… big fruit…not 15% no deep dark colour

Taste: complex…cherry, secondary flavours…not too dark….good tannins and acid

and hey it tastes damn good.

We had it with my cornish game hens…love them and man was it good…perfect…mushrooms, wild rice, wild rice and dried cherry stuffing…..oh man a food orgasm…this wine can do food……man it was great!!!!!

Well I am sad that I have no more. The new one should/could be better….Rob is a talented winemaker and I hope he keeps it up. This is one of my favourite Pinots at any cost and thats scary. I quit drinking Single Malts due to my love of The Macallan and Pinot is just as bad…….but again this is a great wine and I will miss it.


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