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Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2010

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday. Terry and I started out with a traditional fry up. A classic brekkie from the British Isles. Berkshire breakfast sausages, fried eggs, toast and beans…and of course stout.

The Berkshire sausages were wonderful. This pork is sooooooo good and these sausages were wonderful….just the right amount of fat and spice. These are available at Sanson so you can get a meal there…my kinda ideal concept.

Stout is a wonderful ale. Finally it has developed some bubbles…I was worried that I had messed it up and it had a nice Priest's Collar…its getting there finally. Rich thick and healthy. My grandmother was prescribed it once when she was run down…I would like a doctor like that.

Bellini's followed with bubbly from Mastronardi.Laura was right…we needed 2 bottles. It's a wonderful secret weapon as its cost effective and good. Made from real grapes grown on site and made by a great winemaker. The taste may not beat the best from Reims, but its very good and is way better than any sub $20 bubbly I have tried. After 2 bottles we were ready to chill.

Then of course we needed more wine as Terry made a Ghirardelli Chocolate tart ( we added some Black Bear Purple Raspberry to the tart) and I made foccacia. Knock knock and there was my favourite restauranteur John Driedger dropping off his corker so I could bottle our wine. Couldn't shake hands as I was oiled up from spreading oil on the bread but all was good. Wine was Erie Shores Red…a simple blend that is a nice quoiffer and its cheap…I like that.

Dinner was Game hens stuffed with wild rice, onion, garlic and cherry flavoured dried cranberries. Green beans done in duck fat and wild rice. Wine was my last bottle of Muscedere Pinot Noir….the gold medal winner. The cherry was set to go with the pinot and yes the wine was wonderful.

Desert was great and the Black Bear Purple Raspberry went wonderfully. I was soo happy then blissfully fell asleep.

So local wines, garlic from Mimi down the street (only 1 bulb left….oi so sad) that were so good. Well soon we should have local produce…I can't wait.


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