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February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Help

Tomorrow is St Valentine's Day. Guys you gotta do something nice for your ladies. Terry and I decided not to spend money on bobbles but to make a nice dinner. I like that so its going to be Game Hens….need to do some wine stuff but thats ok..I've yet to decide what to serve but Pinot sounds good right now…maybe a Chard…I just can't decide.

Now guys. Here is some relationship advice. If you want to make the missus happy, pass on the Daytona 500 and cook her a nice meal….get some flowers and a bottle or two of wine. Can't cook…no problem…you can grill or do something cool. May I suggest going to my fav cooking site “Cooking for Engineers” and try something there. They use lots of pictures, details, and flow charts. The recipes are killer and give it a try. Even a failure will get you many points. Put some Al Green on the stereo, dim the lights, open the wine and baby, you will be THE MAN.

Now Ladies. If your man must watch the Daytona 500, I will give you a revenge site. Use this one at our own risk. I once gave this site a rave review to a Nascar Dude…told him it was great, a chick? Who loved Nascar….well the next day when I came by to ask a real question about the project, he took his bulldozer and tried to run me down… this is powerful Juju. Betty Jack: he/she is part of Gaytona and runs a great site. Tell him you found a great site with great info and you now care about Nascar. Read Betty and find out good stuff and tell him then show him his/her column and he will think its cool and then go back to Gaytona and laugh… or run like I did …

Quickie Review

It's amazing what you can taste when you change wine. To purge the workweek, Terry and I drink a bottle or two. After a bad week, like this one, only one wine will do and in volume. I don't want to waste an expensive wine so its Coli Albani, that Italian dream wine at $16 for 2 litres. Aptly described by a soothe as “cold white and cheap…like me” it can wipe out the week and save the cellar.

Well after that lovely we opened a Sprucewood Chardonnay. Immediate nose hit…oak yeast flavours aromas that just were not there in the previous one. I am not sure what it had anyway….

Immediate tastes of oak yeast just like the nose…what is going on…did I get the Barrel Fermented? A quick check showed no, but methinks some is in there. I didn't think this one was oaked, but it is nicely.

If you like a lightly oaked , try this one….it is more than light but not too much…if you find Barrel Fermented too much of a good thing, try this one…it has notes but not overpowering.

I like this one and recommend it heartily


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