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Ice Wine Weekend

February 8, 2010

It was the Ice Wine weekend, this weekend and as being the contrarian I am, we decided to go today, Super Bowl Sunday to avoid the crowds. This strategy worked exceptionally well at Zehrs too!!

We had gran intentions and off we went to Harrow. First stop was Erie Shores to see Harvey and Alma. Alma was the first smaller winery person I met and that day she spent alot of time explaining why and how it worked and their goals. I remember and always have a soft spot for her and Harvey. I like their wine too so that helps. Summer Sun, can't buy it yet but soon oh so soon. I think its their signature wine, but wait until the new stuff hits the shelves.

I really like their Ice Wine, not too sweet or too syrupy like so man Niagara products…very nice. I really liked the Cab Franc Ice Wine. BUT they have a new product coming. A fortified Late Harvest wine…Its like Ice wine (it was picked a few days earlier) not quite as sweet but with brandy added. Not too much and it is sooooo nice. Price looks to be right and its one that on a cool/cold night could be so nice around the fire, with dessert, or just because. I think this will be a winner.

As usual, we had a long talk and I learned alot, but we were running late and I forgot to ask him about how he felt about the windmills. I think they look really cool.

So then it was off to Sprucewood. We haven't been there for a long while and wanted to go. Well, we went thru the flight and there are some really nice new ones. The Chard is still really good as is the Riesling and Pinot Gris, but they now have a Barrel Fermented Chard…ooooohhhh I just love them and this one tasted really good. Bought some and looking forward to tasting it. Reds well there is a new blend which is nice, and the Cab Sauv is very nice. The Pinot is as good as ever so things look good for them.

Gord and I had one of those long talks and again the education was wonderful. It was getting really late so no others, but we had fun.

What I really enjoy if the passion these people have for their product. They are proud and just gush when they can. It is uplifting and enjoyable to be around them. So as Mario Batali says, “get to know your Butcher”, I make the 1st corollary as “get to know your Winemaker”. The wine will be more enjoyable, and its fun.


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