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February 1, 2010

My Cider

It's a sad day. I am drinking my last bottle of cider. It was Krausened (fresh juice was added instead of sugar for the dosage…to get carbonation). Half went into my ribs and half is going into me.

The ribs…..boiled(yes I like to pre-boil my ribs) in rub infused water, then rubbed with “Butt Rub”. Pete the Younger got this for me in'Bama and if good nuff for the old boys, its goon nuff for me. They are braising…kind of in a half bottle of my cider.

The cider is still fine…but it is ready to fall off the cliff. Acid has fallen back and the fruitiness is there, but not shining forward. Minerality has come thru and all has melded. It's like a mellow Strongbow but better.

Well all is not lost as I have 60 litres waiting for malolactic to happen in the spring ( please let that happen…btw who do I pray to to help???). Then bottling. I plan to Krausen 20l of the Champagne east then 5 of the ale east then lea e the rest for fruit sugar. That way Terry can add fruit syrups like Cherry or Raspberry to flesh it out and make it a wee bit sweeter…I like it dry but she wants some sweetness.

By Victoria Day I should have cider to drink. Then its prepping to do more….oi does it ever end.

My House

My house is now properly up for sale and on the open market. It has been a long journey and well I am torn. It looks great and I wanna move back. In the city close to the University, Sam's Pizzeria, Giglio's, and the border. But here I have Terry and Myles, Calabria Pizza, Mimi's Fruit stand, and of course Mastronardi and Aleksander within 10 minutes. So food, wine and good pizza (John and Linda are wonderful friends too!!) So methinks I will stay here for a while…well probably a long while as Terry and I plan to get married when all the smoke clears about the house. So the pics are attached and take a look…..



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