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I May Get In Trouble But Its Sambo’s Fault

January 13, 2010

Well a new year and I am up to my old bad ways. I am going to blame Sambo for this one. Sambo is a dear friend of mine who invited me to a meeting of the Culinary Guild last night.

Sambo is a chef. Probably the best chef I know and his ability to teach is wonderful. We went to the Eastern Market with him over the holidays and he kinda knew everything about all those neat innerd bits, then we took him to our favourite bar in the free world, The Oak Cafe in Wyandotte. I used to work downriver and went there alot for lunch…had cider so I could say I had no beer at lunch (smart eh??) To say he loved it was an understatement.

So we were there at the Manchester last night and he introduced me to some really cool chefs and I got to meet Dennis Sanson…yes I have never met him prior.

The theme was local food….my wheelhouse and they had my local food purveyor and yes he brought his garlic (the best btw).

I respect these guys but I was rather disappointed. Being a fan of The Food Network I look to Gordon Ramsay and Lynne Crawford. What do they preach??? Local, fresh and seasonal. We have some of the best foodstuffs around here in our little land and this was pointed out…good! But when I heard “I don't have time to make eight calls” or “I can't have that many suppliers” or “get someone to bring it to me” Oi like what am I hearing….

So here we have local farmers at one end and chefs at the other. Kinda like a high shool dance. One farmer quite rightly asked what the chefs wanted….no response. I was apoplectic.

Let me have a Gordon minute….”are you guys bloody daft!!! you live in one of the premier wine regions and you don't even sell the wine…if you don't get that how on God's ******* green earth will you even ******* get the ******* idea through you thick ******* head that there is wonderful fruits and vegetables available for the picking if you would only get off your ******* fat ass and go and get them”….. now there is a group hug after the Glasgow tough love scene.

But really the man has a half case of Michelin Stars, so there may be something to the local fresh stuff.

My problem is that we have great wine but the chefs don't get it. I betcha ( a Sarahism) if you went to Spain, France or Italy only local wine and local food would be served locally. No boil in a bag at real places and no YellowTail….this is my kryptonite. It ain't cheap and I betcha (Gotcha again) 99.99% of local wine is cheaper and better. I betcha that any self respecting French Restaurant in Alsace, the Loire or Burgundy would allow that slop into their sewer.

So like Gordon I want to do a group-hug and get all my friends to see the light. Local garlic, lamb, chicken, beef, veggies and especially fruit are all great and should be served. Remember that people like me like to be surprised by food better than I serve my family. Berkshire pork, real lamb, real beef, perch, pickerel, veg and wine. If your restaurant is half full and you feel 8 calls are too much, you are to blame. Give me excitement, specials, local, fresh food and wine….yes local great wine…..we can do it!!!


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