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A Fine Wine

January 11, 2010

After I nearly electrocuted myself due to my stupidity(shut off the wrong breaker), I felt that a proper meal was in order. What meal would suffice. Bolognese….yes that wonderful ragu with Tagliatelli, of course! Just love saying Tagialtelli, btw. What wine?

Well Bologna is in Italy…the land of balognie…naw they make mortadella…try it and wonder how and why we eat bologna. So a Tuscan would work, right??? But I have no Tuscans, but I do have a Nebbiola….yes the wine of northern Italy…dark brooding wonderful…so what do I do??? Add mushrooms, anchovy paste, and red wine. Yes I broke the Allan Park Pete's Nana Rule. His Nana only used white wine…a special one but I wanted it dark and brooding. For meat I used ground beef from Wild Acre Cattle Company, proper meat, made from scraps, not garbage. Good stuff, flavour, good fat and taste. Makes a great ragu.

So what wine??? It was a fine 2002 Nebbilo from Ridgepoint. Its in Niagara, up on the escarpment and the road down is fun to say the least. The winery is beautiful and is my style. Sister runs the Italian restaurant attached and Mauro and his wife tend the wine. Often the kids and dog are there and dad tends the landscaping. It reminds me of the “Old Country” never been to Italy, but it seems like how I'd like it to be. In any event he makes great wine and perseveres with the Nebbiolo. Some years, no wine, some years some….but he keeps going. I'm grateful for his perseverance, cos this wine is wonderful!!

So to the wine.

Visual: deep red and great leggs….I am happy

Aroma: what can I say? Leather, tobacco, forest floor, forest like those green Christmas trees, oak and deep dark fruit, like prune plums but oh soo dark.

Flavour: tannic, dry, acidic..just perfect. This is a BIG WINE!! I taste some twigs, forest, dark fruit, and dark dark dark lie the inside of an oil drum. This wine is way beyond my first ball glove..leather dirt…oh so good.

So with the food it rocked!!! the mushrooms sang, the ragu just jitterbugged with it….this wine needs big food. Game, red meat, dark ragus and enjoy!!!

The music was Tony Bennett. Big Band, just classic and like the wine there, classic and good. They just went together.

I really love this wine and just want more. When I sell the house I may reward myself with some more of this.

Merci Mauro


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