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Its Christmas Eve…

December 25, 2009

Well 1 meal down and 2 to go. Tonite I made the pre-church meal for Terry, Terry, Myles and myself. Terry is Terry's mum.

I made a Laura Calder recipe. Terry bought the cookbook to give as a wedding present but when Terry found out the bride couldn't boil water, we kept it and gave her something else. It was Coq au Riesling which is kinda like chicken paprikash without the paprika. Use Riesling instead of Hungarian wine and ditch the peppers and kinda make it in an Alsatian style. Heck they make a Tokay in Alsace so…Tokay…Tokaji……coq au Riesling…..chicken Paprikash. I can just see Sir Rod turning red as he reads this.

The wine was Konzelmann Riesling. The cheap stuff not the good one. At the winery they sell this absolutely wonderful Riesling at ~ 30/bottle and this is ~ 11. No comparison but its really good. Cook with this one…drink bottles of it then save the good one for the Queen.

So with the Coq we had a mushroom risotto and green beans and then our experimental Egg Nog Creme Brule. It was ok. Could be developed.

We listened to some classic Christmas music and now writing this (they went to church) I am listening to Michel Petrucciani, a wonderful jazz pianist who died much to young. Alot of Bill Evans influence, but he does show some swing.

The wine:

Visual: pale straw colour, with good viscosity, I like that..good start.

Aroma: sweet honeysuckle and some exotic fruit..very nice and soft….sweet smell but nice

Taste: very good mouth feel and balance between the sweetness and the acid. Citrus notes and tastes of kiwi. This is a well made wine and a bargain at the price. There is no petrol but you know I like that. The taste lingers a long time so a bottle will last.

With the food it did really well and I have always liked this wine. And at 11 bucks its a bargain.

Tomorrow, Xmas at mums. We spent all day searching for Christmas Pudding as mumsy is up in years and that pudding is real work. She'll make the rum sauce and we will have ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts and corn. Desert is the Christmas Pudding and Pumpkin pie Creme Brule. Wine will be Sanson's Chardonnay and I hope it all works…

So sleep tight and Merry Christmas to all!!


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