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December 17, 2009

Well its Christmas time again and as usual I am depressed. I hate winter and of course, hanging with the family. Lots of wine usually helps but there are childhood issues with the bad food, my Gran saying we were all heathens for celebrating Christmas and then my mum seeing how much rum she could put on her Christmas Pudding so she could get back at Gran who was a devout teetotaller. Ah fun for all.

So I get reflective at this time of year and ponder some important issues.


Why do Americans do ham so much better than us? Yankee ham is great! I love it and can't get enuff. Bro is bring a Honey Baked for Christmas and while wonderful we found one from St Clair Mi that is way better. Why can't we do better. We do good prociutto though.

Why is our beer so bad. It used to be good. Labatt's Classic was always one of my fav's and what do they do…get rid of it. Why do we not have micro-brews???? My current fav is from Liberty Brewing in Pittsburgh. Golden Monkey…a trappist style….superb….Blue Moon, Bell's, Jolly Pumpkin….so good and made by maniacs. We are losing the Beer War. When I was young, this was not possible…..I cannot handle this and well we need a national effort like the space program to regain our supremacy.

Why does ever event a result of global warming? No salmon out west, no cod, too hot…too cold. Hey maybe overfishing has something to do about it!!!!! And remember they once grew crops in Greenland and we were under a glacier here at one time….so weather changes in cycles….oops!!! I hate pollution too btw. Part of my fond Xmas memories was going over the Rough River Bridge on Xmas Day and chocking from the fumes…..we've come along way and need miles more.

Why is the Canadian Footy (soccer) Team so bad. Hey with all the Italians, why can't we get a team together and hey, with all the Portuguese in Toronto why can't they produce at least one Ronaldo….. Its embarrassing btw. Well at least we still rule in hockey.

Butter….American butter is far better than ours…and cheaper….and their cheese…our cows should produce better milk but with our marketing boards we can't seem to get an and its a fortune…oi

Ok I feel better now


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