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Cab Time

December 17, 2009

What do you do when you find an old chateaubriand in the freezer…..well I stuffed it with some prociutto, sage and stuff..oil it up then grill it. Add in some good smoke and it was ok, especially for a piece of meat we got at the ghetto grocery store, by my house. Oops forgot the red wine mushroom reduction.

Music was classical. Thelonius Monk. An amazing jazz pianist who like so man from his generation fought his demons but made great music. I snuck it on behinds Terry's back.

The wine to salvage the situation was Aleksander's Cabernet Sauvignon. A lovely red wine from the Ruthven area.

So lets look at it:

Visual: very deep red with great legs

Aroma: very very dark cherries, black plums and dark black berries. Very nice nose

Taste: initially I found the tannins nice and soft . The acid was there and nicely balanced. What can I say about the fruit, dark, dark fruit there and taste. This is a well made smooth red. Does this area proud.

Man it doesn't sound like I like…I do very much and I want more but methinks its now all gone….but their Shiraz is great too so I'm ok.

So this wine is great and went well with the meat. Enough cajones to stand up to the smoke and reduction and didn't overwhelm the tenderloin. Oh so nice. Wonder what this would be like with a real piece of meat???? Probably even better.


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