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December Restaurant Review

December 2, 2009

As a lover of good fish and chips, I was delighted when Terry suggested we go to Thomas and James in Kingsville. I just love Kingsville and just don't understand why they have the best food in the county. Well I just love it.

Fish and Chips are soul food for a person like me. In Toronto I lived near a great one on Eglinton and grew up on Steve and Eddie's. Yes that long forgotten gem which was located beside the original Big V on Dominion. It was our family outing to go there.

Now to the present. The decor is Resto Pub. Bare brick walls and where there is plaster it is covered in writing. Don't let this fool you, the food is serious. One thing we both noted was that there was no grease in the air. It was just pristine. No odour or stickiness.

The menu features all that is expected. Fish choices, yes the choice of type of fish. I chose Pollack as Heston Blumenthal said that this was his choice to make the “perfect fish and chips”. Well it was damn good but I still like cod. Why? Thats what I grew up on. Sorry, its genetic and I believe that the tastes we love are based on our childhood experiences, good or bad. Terry had halibut.

I remember Pam at Mastronardi talking of the purple button candy and how she tasted that in a wine. So I went on a search for that candy. Yes the one in the metal can. My childhood. Sadly they don't make the purple ones anymore….its a berry taste, but we had a good laugh and had taste memories….that my friends is gold and why I taste different than you. Our taste memories are our own.

The batter was light and crunchy…..bloody wonderful I say. The fish was crisp and not greasy at all. The oil was beautiful…I could tell and the chips were proper chippy chips, not those pre-frozen crap that the chains sell. And malt vinegar…heaven I say.

Service was excellent and attentive. When the bill arrived, also came pens to write our comments on the wall. Cool!!!

Complaints: 2 actually….early closing time so when we pick up 'the yute' at Cadets we can't get food after and the beer isn't cheap.

The food is well priced (cheap per the quality unit served), plentiful, of great quality, and it brims that they care. Actually better than the fixh and chips I've had in Blackpool ( a lovely seaside resort north of Liverpool that makes Niagara Falls look classy)

So we will be back…4 beers, 2 meals and under $60, not too bad especially for the quality!!!

So Kingsville has another gem.

Location: about 500' west of the 4 corners (hell I love the rural lingo), across from Jack's and down the street from Mephisto's and the Dutch Restaurant (great brekkie btw. And on the other side of the 4 corners)


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