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Kinda Local

November 30, 2009

Have you ever heard of this winery??? I try to stay local, but this winery is fairly local and the owners are friends of Terry's friends, so lets go.

Located by Port Stanley, Quai du Vin has the distinction of not being in an appellation, not their fault and close to another winery Rush Creek, who make some great fruit wine. I really like the area as Port Stanley is a cool place with some interesting restaurants a real port and some coolness.

We met them at a wedding this spring and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine they supplied to the wedding. Off to the winery the next day….

We liked the site and the wine was quite good. As they are pretty far north from here we were surprised by what they were able to do. Whites were quite good and the reds were way better than I thought they would be and well we bought quite a bit.

The wine I want to review is the Barrel Fermented Chardonnay….yes, that evil being that Viewpoint makes into the best wine in this area and Mastronardi makes into a great wine. This wine can be awful…too much oak, too much smoke, but if restrained it can be beautiful and wonderful.

So lets look at this one:

Visual: nice golden colour(seen wood obviously) and the leg were great

Aroma: oaky, yeasty, vanilla…just like it should but not too strong

Taste: boy the oak isn't as strong as I anticipated from the aroma….with nice yeasty taste and vanilla…the mouthful is really nice and the acid is there so food can work though I am not a fan of this type of wine with food.

Overall I really like this wine. It is much milder than most. It is smooth and relatively mild.

My music choice to this wine would be Holly Cole especially the Tom Waites album….slightly smoky but missing the rough edges.

So if you are in the London area try this place and see what they can do. Its a nice facility and the people and wine are very good.


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