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Cottam Wine Society

November 14, 2009

We recently held the inaugural meeting of the Cottam Wine Society. There is no Presidente for Life as this is an organic fun group.

The meeting was held at where else…the hub of the Cottam dining world and the home of the best local wine list….Calabria, in beautiful downtown Cottam.

There Terry and I dined with Gary and Wanda Killups from the Essex Wine Review and were often joined by our happy restauranteur John Driedger.

Wine brought was 2001 (my last bottle from Opimium)Grand Alsatiannnan Riesling, Sanson Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Flat Rock Chardonnay, Aleksander Chardonnay and one other I forgot. John relaxed his corkage a wee bit after we bribed him with the Riesling. We later bought 2 bottles from John so they made out well too.

Our guest speaker was Gord Mitchell from Sprucewood. Actually he stopped by and said hello as he was having dinner there with his wife, but I still treat him as a friend and of course our inaugural speaker.

Dinner was pizza and we ate and drank far too much but we enjoyed it. Good friends and good food and wine…what more can you ask for.

We are arranging our next meeting soon and well it will be fun too I bet…anyone can come

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