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November 11

November 10, 2009

Please follow the link and see/hear this music video. Only a person from the east coast could be so right.

Our Appellations, Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island are the home of the Essex Scottish Highland Light Infantry, a regiment which my father and many other local men and women served in and liberated Holland from the Nazis. Prior to that they were involved in the infamous Dieppe Raid which was a disaster and decimated so many neighbourhoods in the area. In the Regimental system the regiments were located geographically so a disaster like Dieppe had horrible effects. About half the regiment was lost, but there was the “honour” of getting the furthest inland.

The Generals said that they learned alot and it saved thousands of live at D-Day. Well it is humorous that a member of the Royal Family was utterly incompetent and it took a dirt poor farm-boy from Missouri to get it right (well he made a great President too). I wonder how many silent cheers there were in the Legion Halls when Mountbatten was blown up by the IRA.

With our finest in Afghanistan, risking their lives and the tragedy at Fort Hood, I think that at 11:00 am tomorrow we should all bow our heads and pray for our brave lads and those who have served so proudly before them.

We need to remember with great pride how our brave men liberated the Dutch in 45 and maybe we can in time turn Afghanistan into a proper country.

So raise a toast to the brave ones and if you see an elderly man selling poppies ask him if he wants a coffee, he deserves it.

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