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October 31, 2009

Since I see alot of my readers are not from Ontario I would like to add a little to the Cellared in Canada post.

CIC wines are blends of up to 70% foreign wine and 30% local juice. The odd thing is is that the only wineries allowed to make it are wineries with pre 1993 licenses. What is odder is that most of these (except the LENS ones…local) are now owned by Constellation Brands which is American. Constellation bought up Vincor, which was the largest Canadian group thus getting access to this market segment which was there to keep the industry viable.

The real problem is that the LCBO (gov't liquor stores) or lickbo as “the Prodigal One” refers to it, likes to harp that it sells ~ 52% Canadian content, but VQA is only 1/5 of this amount. So the CIC is the bulk of the wine.

So let's do some cipherin as Jethro Bodine would say. If VQA is only 20% of wine sold and CIC accounts for 80%…..lets see….30% of 80% is..naught goes into nought… goes-intos aren't that good …so lets say 24% of the grapes are from Ontario. So lets say that 20% (VQA) and 24% (CIC) results in 44% of the grapes in Canadian wine sold by the Licko are actually Canadian. More grapes are sourced from outside Canada than from in.

Add to this, the fact that only a handful of the BIG wineries can make CIC legally, I wonder how we have a wine industry.

Go into the lickbo and you see Cellared in Canada prominently and the VQA sign. Well at least CIC wines are cheap but they are a fraud. I don't have a problem with them as they do create wealth and employment, but to the average person they think as these as Ontario wines, which they aren't. But remember they absorb more than ½ the grapes sold (and generally the poorer ones). Eliminating the program would severely harm the grape growers, and we as wine lovers need them.

So why does the lickbo do this???Nobody really knows but I bet they make more money on importing cheap wine and marketing it than working with small wineries. They want volume and are so proud that they are the 'biggest single buyers of wine and spirits in the world”….well Tesco (England) and Costco (US) may disagree. They seem to not be interested in the local craft wineries. True they will be more work to sell, margins would be more variable, but it would create jobs and local wealth.

So buy your wine from the wineries and **** lickbo as the don't care about us. Most wineries will ship so don't let dalton's gang stop you from buying our wine.


On Grapes

The harvest is over, and alot of grapes were left unsold. I wonder if I could have been able to buy grapes from a grower. Per what I know they can't sell to me as I don't have a license to buy.

So I can buy grapes from California but seem to not be able to buy Ontario grapes…..better to let them rot.

So why not let the uncontracted grapes be sold to the public and……and…..U Brew wine shops. Yes could you imagine Drunken Dalton's being able to sell local juice. I am sure that that pressing could be arranged for the bulk juice and then the could sell fresh juice as a special. There easy peesy…. wouldn't it be cool if hobbyists could use all the extra grapes. And think of this one…we could deprive Dalton and his gang of the taxes…..hahahaha


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