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October 26, 2009

The harvest should be done and yet alot of grapes remain unsold. The current system is just basically wrong.

Most wine lovers want Cellared in Canada wines to be boycotted and the program cancelled. The problem with this is that the impact on the grape growers would be devastating. I am not a fan but eliminating this product would be disastrous.

If you didn't know, you have to have a pre- 1993 licence to sell Cellared in Canada Wine (CIC). This is basically unfair and gives the big players a real advantage. It was designed to allow the wineries to survive bad crop years, but has become a cash cow for Lickbo and the big wineries.

If it was cancelled many grape growers would be bankrupted. These are family farms which would be lost and remember the investment for grapes is huge. You just can't switch to soya beans for a year or two if you grow grapes. So to ban it would cause chaos and would have severe impact on the business.

So, how do I propose to solve the problems related to CIC. This is easy.

1)simply relate the percentage of local grapes to vary per the crop. If it is a bad year lower the content and if its a good crop raise it. The long term goal is to eliminate CIC but do it slowly.

2)allow all wineries to make CIC if they choose. Most won't but this is only fair.

3)make labelling to show what CIC is and that it is not VQA

4)allow Appellation Wine stores which sell only VQA wine from that Appellation. Put this outside the Lickbo so they can't torpedo it

5)make the Lickbo feature CANADIAN WINE…go to Michigan and California wine is featured. You can buy wine from all over the world but American wine is featured. Why does our gov't who owns Lickbo hate local wine. Well the make more money selling Yellow Penguin but it would be nice to feature what we sell and create jobs.

6)reform VQA and remove the tasting element. Keep technical rules, but let the winemakers make weird and wonderful wines. Make it fair and get the Lickbo out of VQA. Make rules that help the industry grow and create jobs.

CIC isn't evil, and it does move grapes. We need reform to make the industry grow and prosper. I don't care about exports as I'd like us to drink mainly local and drink everything made here. Wineries are a great vehicle to increase tourism and diversify the economy. With St Catherine's and Windsor down and out any new jobs should be promoted but my pal Dalton just doesn't seem to get it….bet he drinks Yellow Penguin.


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