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Pinot of Note

October 18, 2009

Pinot. There is a wine that says it all and nothing. In its best form there isn't alot of fruit or simply no fruit. Secondary flavours predominate: forest floor, mushrooms, and that weird note….barnyard. Why do I want my wine to smell of poop. I don't know but I prefer the forest floor description. But where is the fruit…no jammy Merlot notes here. Just good stuff.

Some new world ones tend to be fruity and high in alcohol. Both things are bad…bad…bad. No 16% Pinot works for me…just too big. The Pinots from here are highly under-rated. It is cool here, wine doesn't get much more than 12.5%. This is like the Burgundian Wines. They are lean and not high alcohol.

One of the best and oldest proponents of Pinot Noir here is Sal D'Angelo of D'Angelo Estates. He has been making Pinot here for a long time. Sal is a cool guy and I have always leant something from him when I have spoken to him.

The Pinot of the day is D'Angelo 2002 Pinot Noir. This baby is 7 years old and is still there and getting better. We had some to finish off the week so it wasn't with food but thats ok. Pinot is extremely food friendly.

Colour: this wine is deep red…like a good rose. It has great legs and a viscosity which bodes well.

Aroma: I smell pine forest, like up was like a real fresh forest. Like any good Pinot I get forest floor. Deep dark cherries and spicy mushrooms. Boy the secondaries are there and this is what I want in a Pinot.

Now the taste: This is a big Pinot, really chewy with good tannins and acid. The finish is mineral. Add the classic dark cherries and earth notes and we now have a classic Pinot. There are lots of secondary notes just like it should.

Let me note that this is a big Pinot…really big. I love it as it show what a talented winemaker can do with Pinot Noir down here. At its price its a bargain and well I wish I bought it all. I am a reformed Pinot-holic who is currently backsliding. Thats ok with me as this local is worth getting my jones back.


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