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I Woke Up and It Was a Chelsea Morning

September 24, 2009

It reminded me of the old Joni Mitchell classic….Chelsea Morning. We were off to Chez Swiffty to watch the Chelsea v Spurrs match. Should have been very good. We brought a bottle of Rhubarb wine and Bellini's….ie: A'Dorah and peach juice. I love this drink and other than coffee this is my favourite breakkie drink.

Sir Rod and Pete the younger were in attendance….food/spread was quite good. Much better than the game btw.

Well after the game we went to some wineries. What a surprise!

Stop 1: D'Angelo— if you like big wines see Sal. If you like Pinot see Sal. If you like young wine, don't see Sal. Sal likes to age wine and his current Pinot is an '02. Yes a baby. It is a big Pinot and very good. Red wines include Cab Franc and Baco and Foch both hybrids, but he always has a bargain wine and at 8$ may be my current “cheapie goodie”. Funny it always seems that Sal is there when I am and he was and treated all of us very well. I like the guy.

Bought Pinot and “cheapie goody”

Stop 2: Sanson—Sanson is basically my model for a good winery. Good wine and food. He sells Berkshire Pork, Lamousell beef, heritage veggies, coffee etc. One stop for dinner. Best news is that the Savignon Blanc and Chardonnay are now available by the bottle (were just by the cast), The are great btw. The reds are very good too. The Baco is good (I know me liking one..they are getting better), but the Bird Dog is wonderful as usual. I have never met Dennis but have talked to him over the phone (but not about wine), he seemed nice but I don't know my winemaker…oopps but he has a nice cat.

Bought: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Baco, Berkshire Pork and steak

Stop 3: Muscedere— they're my buds. I like their wine and Rob wants to start the Master Taster..Poor John C who will have him and me in the back row…add in that I hear Steve from Sprucewood is joining…it could be the second coming of the Three Stooges. Well their quality is great and their quantities are low, but the do make some normal priced wine and they are white and I like them. Their Pinot is great and so is their Riesling. Rob and I got into one of our wine philosophy discussions causing our group to go to the chairs. Well it was time for Rob to go to a Birthday party so we could leave. No more Syrah

Bought: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot

So we had a great time. I am happy to report that things in the vineyard may just work out. Low yields but good quality and just not the disaster that I predicted….I feel better


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