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September 23, 2009

I reread my “real time” review of the Mastronardi Syrah. The other was done that evening as I drank it. I was rather emotional and missed alot of stuff, so this is a Redux of that review.

Saturday, was a rather tough day for me. The lads at the League (Friday night) wanted to talk of what happened and I was just coming to terms with it. I needed to do some trimming at my hose on Saturday but decided to touch up my drywall after priming as I only had one piece of Pergo left and the cuts were tough.

All I wanted was Syrah, and Syrah from Mastronardi especially. I have had Aleksander's and really enjoyed it, and think Smith and Wilson's is great. I had only had 1 bottle of Mastronardi's so I wanted more. What to have with Syrah????? Lamb of course…so I went to Schwab's for local lamb but there wasn't any…oi….and now what….its 4 and we have no wine nor lamb. Now time to change plans…we need wine!!!

So a run to Mastronardi…got there and Eadie and Pam are both there…that'll be fun. After greetings I feel much better and then we are sent on a mission…..barrel sample of the new dry Gewurtztraminer. Soft and floral….it was very very nice….I can't wait until it is available. Then some more tasting and me leaving with my beloved Syrah.

So then its off to Zehr's for lamb…..I know I should be local, but Mr. Ewe Dell is alot bigger than me and since he was closed that would mean sheep rustling, and I just have a fear of buckshot and just ain't as quick as I used to be, so New Zealand here we go.

When I got home I marinated the chops in olive oil, garlic(local), rosemary(very local…my deck), vermouth and pepper. No Salt????that goes on just before those wee chops hit the barbie.

Then goes on the tape of the Liverpool game and I turned the lamb on 15 min intervals….Oh yes, I opened a bottle of Liberty School Cab from Paso Robles (California) to pass the time. It's really good but I find it a wee bit jammy..don't like jam. At half time I put some pecan wood chips in to soak.

French sea salt liberally applied to the chops then grilled to happiness and smokiness. Just yummy but the smoke makes my eyes water.

Well, back to the wine:

Visual: deep red and wonderful legs…great viscosity….good start and the edge doesn't water up when you look at it at an angle which all are a good sign.

Aroma: the usual dark fruits are present but so are the secondaries….leather, earth, spic tones…oh so nice and none of those jammy sticky sweet tones that hit the hot climate Syrahs.

Taste: well the wine is very nice. The tannins and acid are there but not too much. There are deep fruits like black plums and then the leather, dirt and spice…..this wine is very good, I really think that our cold climate Syrahs reflect the old country much better than those big jammy hot weather cousins.

Now with the food… was perfect! Syrah from the old country has notes of Herbes de Provence which makes sense as its from Provence and rosemary et all grow all around. See we added rosemary which plays with the wine's spicy notes and the rosemary loves lamb….add the mild smoke which plays too…and all played well together. These people liked each other and worked perfectly. The lack of jam made the savoury work so much better.

So this wine is special and is a bargain at the price. Its getting me “off Pinot” and actually happily. I could drink this every day and would if Terry would allow me to have lamb daily. Glad I found the stuff I bought at earlier visits…I am now happy again.


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