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This One Is Done Live

September 20, 2009

Well to say its been an interesting week is to be very understated. So, what do you do? Well we had lunch at the DH then went to get lamb. Why???? Well I wanted Syrah…my new jones. Pinot just doesn't do it anymore as I've been to PA…Pinot Anonymous and I learned that I have a disease and it can be helped. Well I took the cure and now its on to Syrah…well I had a Pinot relapse when the evil Fabio Muscedere made me, yes forced me to drink his Pinot….No I said please do not do this to me….He forced me to drink that evil,,no wonderful elixir of life… I backslided.

No, now its Syrah. To cheer me up we went to Mastronardi to get some and we got to visit with Pam and Eadie…what fun..tried the new Gewurtz and its beautiful….still in tank but will be excellent…We closed the place and I came home with Syrah….actually we went to Zehr's first for lamb but that wrecks the visual.

I opened a bottle of Cab Sauv from Liberty School, put the Liverpool game on and marinated the chops in garlic, rosemary, olive oil and vermouth. Wood chips were Pecan…my fav.

Now the wine:

Visual: deep red and great legs

Aroma: great earthy tones, dark fruit, and great stuff…these cool climate Syrahs just sing with what the should be….no jam just alot of secondary flavours and niceness

Taste: well here we go…its great…no jam just dark fruit and earth…alot of earth….a rather big wine but a friendly one. I get dark fruits and lots of leather and spice…just like it should have. It has good acid and tannins too!

I really like this wine….it just is what it should be…no jam just fruit, leather spice and tannin but in balance…good balance.

With the food it was magical…Syrah and lamb is the bomb and this one just works and it works great.

Well I guess you think I like this and I do and at $15 its a bargain…

Do I take this to the Spurs Chelski game tomorrow….Nope I'm taking A'Dorah..the sparkler to make Bellini's…hope Spurs win btw


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  1. September 20, 2009 7:50 am

    We all know your a closet Chelsea fan.

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