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Best of Times…Worst of Times

September 15, 2009

It's 6:00 am on Tuesday and for the last hour I have been composing this post in my head.

The Wine Fest was for me a great time and possibly the worst time of my life. Nobody died or went to jail, but I am sick over it, got sick, missed work and quite honestly just want to pack it in. Didn't get into the class I needed for my Master Taster…who cares. I the way I feel is only second to the humiliation I felt when at Peninsula Ridge, I was ignored because I guess the job interview at the tasting bar was more important than clients. I have not been back.

Let's start at the good. My seminar was well rec'd and I had good response, a full house and best of all my sponsors sold some extra wine. Terry made friends with Mike Pinkus' girlfriend and I found out that Mike is a stand up guy. Had a great time with Gary (Essex Wine Review) and his wife Wanda. Pete The Younger (aka my agent) came unexpectantly, made my day then ran to the Michigan game. Met 2 new friends that are readers so that was good. Seeing Tony and Eadie (Mastronardi) together laughing and joking was great. Our traditional closing the show at Muscedere is one thing that has to stop but is fun. We got to hang with friends and the highlight of the show may have been Izabel's (Aleksander) little one. So little so cute….she looks so happy.

So in that way the show was a great success. My apologies to TG there was no reason for me to be mad with you…I wasn't but you were the sacrificial lamb. It was inexcusable. To my friend who I vented to I am very sorry….I trust you and hope we are still friends.

The bad. The events played exactly as I expected. I arrived to find that I had no passes left for me. Off to another gate and no passes. Its now 1:00 and I'm on at 2 and I still have to set up and get wine. I only got in when I saw a program exec and she got me in.

Then I see that I am listed for Sunday. I had never agreed to it. I complain but agree to do it and spent alot of time rounding up new wine. I expected that this was going to happen.

So Sunday comes and I am late but again no passes and they will not let me in. Mike Pinkus got me in and now I am pissed. I get to the speakers tent and lo and behold I am cancelled. TG told me and again I apologize for what I said. I am crushed and depressed. Guess I really just didn't and don't matter. I can entertain and use alot of my time and just be chucked with the trash.

The tent director later found me (thru Mike Pinkus' girlfriend, she was sitting with us) and tried to smooth it over. I got bumped by Williams Food Equipment's Riedel show so if its for Rick et al I'm cool with it.

So what did I get for the show….sfa…every year I at least get a token gift bag and really felt good drinking the wine. I felt loved. This year showed me that I just don't matter…kinda like at Peninsula Ridge. They are going to cancel the speakers tent….at least me it seems and want to move upmarket.

Well there is the new fest so maybe I'll see how it is…But I just love being there. I get a day to meet all my friends in the industry and not have to drive to them. I have the up-most respect for you. The site is just so perfect.

Special thanks to my dear friends at Muscdere, Mastronardi and Erie Shores for being so good to me and supplying wine. Thanks go to Amy at Viewpoint for jumping in and offering wine for Sunday to help me out, Steve from Sprucewood for the same offer and Scott who was helping at CREW for arranging wine. See it may have been bad but in ways it was sooo good.

And special special thanks to Terry for sticking up for me and making me feel loved.

We will see what the year brings. I was so sick I couldn't go to work yesterday and I just can't sleep cos I'm just depressed over this. If they want I will do next year, because I enjoy it and I'm starting to see the same faces…and that's cool…..

I appreciate all of you who read this and support me…Merci Beaucoup!!!

Tootles…I need coffee, a shower then its off to work!

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