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My Corn

September 5, 2009

Here is my corn and it's Seneca Chief!!!! Finally I got it to grow. This was THE CORN to eat when I was growing up. So much better than the modern stuff. I just don't get how we lost those heritage foods but hopefully it will come back.

I have very fond memories of taking my grandma to the market and watching her argue with the farmer about the type. Its Seneca Star not Chief! was her favourite argument (I think she wanted a discount) then she proceeded to squirt test every ear she bought. She was about 95 at the time, 4' tall and full of piss and vinegar…guess thats where I got it from.
Here is my corn…Seneca Chief…the Undisputed King of Corn!!!

so there the are…there are a few more about but I figure that I may have corn by Thanksgiving. Maybe even a dozen!!

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