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August 30, 2009

I wrote the final to my Master Wine Taster course on Monday. I guess I am tired of rating wines and just didn't want to write about wine as much as food. Maybe thats why wine reviews have been rarer.

I have 2 courses which I will take and I will be done by Christmas…YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't know what I will do with it but its been a learning experience. I hope I have gotten better.

But I want to use this space to lobby for one of my responses. Mate a wine to roasted corn and chive butter. Well as an ex-dazzling urbanite who is a refugee to the country, I take umbrage that my response was poo-pooed. We buy our corn from either CornLand Corner or Mimi. That means it was picked that day. So if you buy corn in the city it is days old and the sugar content in corn falls like a rock…hours make a difference. If you mate it with a Chardonnay its folly as the wine isn't sweet enough. Last night we had corn…sauteed in butter with basil and it absolutely killed Double Barrel. It tasted like cheap vinegar….with the steak it was fine.

So John, see my logic. Local sweet corn is like candy and to roast it will make it sweeter. What will stand up???A sweet wine with acid…what would that be…A late Harvest Riesling or Ice Wine. Actually a second press Riesling Ice Wine would be perfect. Sweeter than the corn with acid to get thru the butter.

I'm sorry I am right if you use local fresh sweetcorn and just wait for my Seneca Chief…I have wee wee cobs…it will be even sweeter…the Undisputed King of Corn.

Ps: You can take me out of the city but I still listen to Marvin Gaye.


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