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A Fun Little Red

August 27, 2009

Erie Shores was the first local winery (other than the big 2) that I discovered. With friends, Alma spent about a half hour explaining how we could grow wine here. I was sold and still have a soft spot for them.

A few weeks ago I spent some time with Harvey (Alma's husband and winemaker). I lamented the fact that there wasn't a cheap and cheerful local wine. One that could be a daily wine that the locals would drink and replace those evil imports. As usual, Harvey said, ”wanna try something”. I tried this wine and said “not bad”. He smiled and noted that this was his $10 wine which he made for his local fans to quaff on the patio. A lighter wine to enjoy.

Note that Erie Shores has a strong following with the cottagers who live across the street and with the local folk. Going to an of their events (go if you have a chance as they are excellent and laid back) you won't see alot of “beautiful people” but local types who like wine and good company. Domestic cars are the majority in the lot and the age may be a wee bit older, and they are loyal.

The wine is Erie Shores Red. At 11.5% alcohol you can drink all afternoon and not get too shnockered. Light and lively, it is a fun wine. He designed this wine for the cottagers who wanted a red but not a big red that can be drank on the deck with friends. Its a blend of 3 hybrids and this accounts for the light, non-tannic flavour.

Its purple colour shows that there is baco there and it smells it with some leather and alot of fruit, particularly blackberry.

It tastes zesty light and fruity. It has alot of fruitiness and sweetness and is an easy drinker. Lots of blackberry and a good backbone of acid. Its bright, fruit and cheerful, exactly what its supposed to be.

Terry thinks it would make a great sangria but with local darker fruit like plums and blackberries. Its a cool idea and I hope someone runs with it. This wine is for fun, so don't worry about doing something with it. Its cheap so have fun.

I think this would be a great wine for nibbly bits on the deck and with bbq. Don't go nuts but I think it would be great wine for a party and or a family get together. My lot (Sir Rod or Swiffty) may find it light but thats ok.

So to end this wine for fun and daily quaffing. Is it my favourite local fun wine?? Well its right there with Aleksander's Baco Noir, and the Nostra Casa Line from Mastronardi. This is good as we need a local daily wine and we got some good ones. DO NOT BUY cellared in Canada (they are 70% foreign) when you can buy these 100% local wines and support our locals.

So Erie Shores Red is a great contender for the crown and one I will buy more of


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