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The Weather

August 22, 2009

Looking at the weather today, I just get more depressed. I really fear that this year will be a total loss for wine.

I have been talking to the winemakers and they try to be optimistic, but it appears that last winter and this summer will hit hard.

The winter damage was far worse than initially expected. Vines are looking poor with alot of winter kill. Some have lost ~ 40% and some varietals may not even bear this year. For me this is sad as I have been getting into local Syrah and this appears to have been hit really hard.

Now this summer, cold weather mean low heat units which mean the grapes are behind. I figure its between 2 and 3 weeks. This is bad in 2 ways. Our falls are usually mild, BUT fall rains may come into play. If the harvest goes to October then it may be really wet. This means big fat grapes that yield alot of juice but no flavour. Not good!. And in rot, fungus, and mud and see the fun.

There is another problem which could also be bad. A late harvest gets us perilously close to winter. If winter was to come early, the vines may not have gone into hibernation which would seriously harm next years production. This will just continue the pain into next year. What may have helped last winter is that the freeze happened well into the hibernation zone, but look at the damage we got. It would have been far worse if it would have happened in December.

Ice wine production has impact on the quality and quantity of the next harvest…so lets hope the weather co-operates. What will help. Hot dry weather. No the wet stuff today. Hopefully September will be dry and warm, October dry and warm then the harvest can get in.

We cannot expect good wine this year. It will be a challenge to ripen the grapes so this may be a really poor year. I hope not but it may happen.


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