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August 4, 2009

Not only below but y internet has been down for 2 days!!

What is going on out there??? I am so disgusted with the level of stupidity on our roads. The Essex Bypass (Hwy 3) is just plain dangerous, but it just isn't there.

Yesterday, on hwy 3, I was almost involved in 2 head-on collisions from the Cameron to the Arner. Did I cause either??? No!!! About 1/2 mile from the Arner, I come around the little curve and notice a Blue GM midsize in my lane. I stand on my brakes and head for the shoulder. Speed Racer finishes passing 2 cars then bashes his way into the pack and as soon as he passes me he goes right back in my lane passing 3 more. Gentlemen, NASCAR rules do not apply on our roads. I checked my seat for wetness then head for the left turn lane….oops a Harley type bike is lane splitting thru the intersection and is using the left turn lane as his passing lane. HE THEN HONKS AT ME LIKE I AM AT FAULT!!!! DUDE YOU WERE LANE SPLITTING, PASSING THRU AN INTERSECTION, VIOLATING ALL THE NO PASSING ZONE LINES AND BASICALLY ASKING TO BE ROADKILL. I was just trying to go to Colchester.

So I called 911… yes I actually did. This stuff is crazy. People out here think that passing 2 or 3 cars is normal and running people off the road is ok. If yesterday was a fluke I'd wouldn't be mad but I get almost killed regularly. People, learn to drive, be polite and passing is dangerous…don't pass 4 cars ¼ mi from a stop sign (yup that one made me wonder too)or on a curve, or thru an intersection .

I feel better now.

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