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Cabernet Time

July 25, 2009

What a lousy morning. I’ve had my coffee and now it will be off to the Wild Acre Cattle Company for some steaks. Pete the Younger is coming over tonite so its time to source dinner. Local steak, local potatoes and local corn. Yum Yum….. Wine…well lets see, maybe a redo of last night (Muscedere Cabernet) or maybe a Syrah….or  or…. I’m just so conflicted. The rain is to end after lunch so it’ll be grill time!!!!

Last night we met Pete the Younger at our local Friday haunt. Sir Rod is doing the Port Huron to Mackinaw race so he was absent, Swiftty was in Goderich so the waitresses were safe and Vander should be able to come out and play soon since the CUPE strike is done. So it was Terry Pete and I.

After we decided to do a cheese tray and I pulled a bottle of Muscedere Cabernet Sauvignon from the cellar.

This wine isn’t cheap nor is it plentiful. The volume should increase as their vines mature but the wine is great now, I just wish it was $9.99. Now that would be great!  But alas it ain’t.

Visual:The color of the wine is a nice deep red and the legs remind me of the previous Secretary of State, not the current one. Condi’s were/are great and Hillary, well lets just say that she is a very intelligent woman.

Aroma: lots of dark fruit and a nice hint of oak. Very nice and very appealing.

Flavour: what can I say…this is a great wine. There are dark fruits and oak and just alot of niceness. The tannins are really soft which means its easy to drink now and it will mate with alot of foods. The acid is there and there isn’t too much alcohol like in some hot climate types. 

For food, I see it going great with lamb, roast beef, duck and even bbq steaks. This is a great wine and the softness lends it to cruise with alot of foods.

I see this wine getting better but why wait…drink it now and drink it while its still available. It is a contender for the Best of County, a strong contender in the reds and maybe their best wine. 

I’ve got 1 bottle left and I just may save it for awhile.


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