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July 13, 2009

Well finally a wine review. Lately life has been fun to say the least. I think I had swine flu last week. Felt like I was hung over all week even tho I didn't drink…..not fun, but today I feel a little better.

But thats my fault so I want to talk about one of my favourite wines. It comes from Pelee Island and it is just wonderful.

Its the Gewurtztraminer, actually the Reserve version so the grapes are local and the wine is just wonderful.

Gewurtztraminer might be thought of as German but the best are made in Alsasce. Its across the river but faces south so the grapes get good sun and the terroir there is so varied so the variety of tastes are amazing. Relatively unknown to the general public means that the price/quality ratio is very good.

This wine will go well with spicy foods and has the cajones to tame alot of neat flavours. The wine in its best form is floral and slightly spicy with hints of sweetness and great fruitiness. You can tell that I am a fan.

Well lets take a look at this one:

Visual: the wine is a straw gold, nice and bright and it has great legs. This is a good place to start.

Aroma: sweet honey aroma with some of the exotic fruit that good ones show.

Taste: This wine has a great mouthfeel. That's important to me and this one is thick and nice. There is a touch of sweetness but it is just right to me…maybe a 1.5. Now we get to the fruit…there are all those neat eastern fruits that I never eat and apricots. Its very floral….very nice. It misses the spiciness but this wine is lovely.

So this wine is an example of what a big winery can do when it wants to. I would serve this with slightly spicy shrimp or mussels or anything good. Hell, take some salmon, hit it with “Slap Your Mama” or an other Cajun Spice and just enjoy. Well it drinks well by itself too.

This is a great wine from the areas biggest winery.


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