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Local Products

July 11, 2009

I ran into some good local products and I want to share them with you.

Olive Oil: what is this you say!!! well kinda local. We were at the Greek Pavilion and there was a table there with olive oil. Seems that a Windsor couple had a farm in Greece handed down to them. Greece= olive oil so they are starting to market it. Packaging is very nice and the taste is wonderful. It is light and clean and so unlike those heavy oils. This is more like a French or Spanish oil. Not yet available in Windsor but she gave me an email and there is one on the bag.

Rallis Olive Oil… or the “secret one”

It retails in Toronto at ~ $40 but she had a show or local deal….just say you say it at carrousel.

BBQ Sauce: just when you say “no mas” another one comes out. Well there are about 4 and they all come from the late lamented Top Hat. Sam Drakich, or Sambo as we know him, is introducing a line up of sauces. First out is the original to be followed soon with a few cool ones. He has offered me some samples for testing but I know that in the Kitchen Stadium my bbq sauce will reign Supreme!!! Well maybe. (just an aside did you see the first Iron Chef America with Bill Shatner as host….just magnificent!!!)

Available at Ade's and Colonial Coffee for now

Local Cold Cuts: with the current meat issue I was pleased to find out that there are locally made deli meats. I am scared of the factor product as I just don't get how you can forget to clean your machines.

Sausage: all over but try Giglio's for Italian Style (great oils and cheeses too), Schwabs in LaSalle and Ade's on Tecumseh

Deli: Ade's makes their own deli meats and that is great. They are locally focused and take their meats seriously.

Please try to buy local meats. The pork producers are in the soup. But the store prices don't fall. If we buy local the local producers will get more and they don't do the “seasoned” thing which is solution injected to increase the weight. If I want to brine the meat I will use real sea salt, herbs and sugar not chemicals.

Now wine Accessories. Met these people at the Wine Show in Windsor. The make gift boxes and the were very nice. They are able to do custom work and the quality was is much better than the Chinese ones and the price wasn't bad either.

Wine'ot Box it

i am a free trader but know that we need to support our locals so here are some locals and there will be more.


email me at essex_wine_report@yahoo,ca if you want to add something and don't want to join vox….well here at least you can actually read my blog

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