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Just Had to Say This

June 28, 2009

I'm sorry but I've been at Carousel and saw such goodness. How different cultures can meet and find common ground then I read the Toronto Star. Oi, on the website there was an article on the Leafs draft pick. I just wanted to see whose career was just ruined and then noticed that the article was all about his religion.

OMG! He's a Muslim…can't be….Well he is a CANADIAN KID who plays hockey, probably way better than I ever did. What has this country gone to. Then it goes on to how he may get more Scarboro kids to emulate him and play. Who wrote that crap. The kid is from Montreal btw. Just why do we have to bring religion into sports. Its wrong and shouldn't be there. I don't care what religion my fav player is and only care if he's talented and isn't some evil type off the field.

Hockey will come to our newcomers. Just look at the NHL Punjabi network….cool. I remember when APP told me that one of his co-workers was looking to find a Cdn to teach his son to skate. It just takes time to get them into it.

To the fellow, I apologize for your unfortunate luck to be picked by the Leafs. By all accounts he is a great kid and I wish him all the luck. He'll need it.


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