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June 22, 2009

This weekend was the middle weekend of Carousel and Terry and I had to go and we had a quest…find the best cabbage roll. Terry makes great cabbage rolls as she was taught by and older Polish woman. Light and flavorful….she has a thing for them.

Well we had a chance as the Eastern Europeans dominated this weekend. If you are from afar Windsor has large Eastern European, Italian and now Chinese and Middle Eastern communities. Originally French, its a change place…and all for the better I think. Where else can you get great kolbassa, Italian sausage, curries and hummus in the same place. Its fun and you learn alot of slang.

First stop was the Serbian Village….cabbage rolls were great…light and spicy. The strudel was great too!!!  Good start.

Next was a stop at the Romanian Village. Now I thought their community was small but the place was packed. They sang their anthem then there was Oh Canada with an accent. It was cool and the fellow knew all the words….I get confused with the new version..oi to be outdone b an immigrant. Thats cool.

Cabbage rolls really good. Light  with just the right amount od rice..May be the one and the little sausage things were to die for…it was hot and the parking lot was filled with people. The all wanted to see when the other came this was in English…little else was..

Next was Slovenia. We were too stuffed to eat and no cabbage rolls but the dancers were on and the little kids were so cute…a keeper.

Then to Serbia 2. They have 2 official sites and well we met some friends there. As usual Sam and his family showed their usual generosity offering us up some lamb and sausages. Pork and the his mum cam with a strudel et all platter oi…very good. Thanks Sam

Then to the Polish Village and well it was a cluster bleep. My beer order was messed up to the point I didn’t care, then 20 to get food. Now my Polish friends are all PhD types so they should organize it better. But the dancers made up for it very very well done.

Final stop was the Hungarian Village. I was waiting for this. I wanted real strudel and Tokaji. Neither was there..damn..but I got some pear liqueur (aka motor oil) and cabbage rolls. They were to die for…light tasty and yes the best for the day…Our undisputed champion of Windsor.

But look across the street. Legion Branch 143…my moved and I lost where…now I know and I got to see my old neighbor’s to go back.They have a great wall of Honor…wonder if they would take the picture of Chuck (my dad) and his buddy in Holland in their picnic table tent (an upside down table with a blanket….Cabellos wasn’t around in ’45.

Well next week is Scotland, Germany and Greek. Well no food at Scotland (well there is btw) but I hope me mum wont try to pick up the pipers again. I think she’s a cougar.

Till then  tootles

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