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Another Summer Wine

June 21, 2009

I am going to talk about another fine summer wine that I really think is under-rated, (therefore, cheap) and is very versatile.

That wine is Rose. Oh, I know; its crap….well no grasshopper, trust Fat Master Po. Rose can be made many ways but they basically involve limiting the skin contact with wine.

The best ones are made from the bleeding of the raw wine thus concentrating the red wine and resulting in a real wine that simply is lighter in colour. It will have great taste and the ability to mate with a wide variety of foods.

Now almost every winery down here makes them and the are all different. There is Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, was Pinot Noir, and some of unknown origin. Thats ok to me because the concept is fun happy wine and not a snobby one.

Mate it with sausage, burgers, tomato based dishes and all kinds of fun stuff. Remember it is red wine based so think red wine food…but on the lighter side. South of France, Spain and Portugal all do Rose, so look that way, Grilled fish, bbq, shrimp all work well along with appies on the deck.

Basically if you eat it on the deck, Rose will work. Its fun and always can be drank on it own.

I suggest you get a few and try them. Ma I suggest the Baco from Aleksander, Summer Sun from Erie Shores and Sprucewood's. I like all of them but those are a good start. Heck, try em all and enjoy the summer. Terry and I will.


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