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Vinho Verde

June 14, 2009

Well it looks like summer has settled in. LeMans finished this morning and was great. The French must be happy as Peugeot won. This was Audi v Peugeot, diesel v diesel and just great racing. Hockey is over, congrats to Pittsburgh and well next year will be revenge.

But as we begin to eat lighter and maybe some more local fish and shrimp and seafood, let me give you my secret summer weapon….Vinho Verde. What you say, this isn't local, its priced well and gee, its from Portugal. Yes to all above. But have it with perch and you will see it my way. Its just a natural complement.

The wine is “green”, very young, alot of acid and some bubbles. The very slight carbonation is from the acid.

Why is this good? Well the acid just rips thru fat and cleans your pallet. You fry perch and the grease just gets cut thru and the bright green apple/citrus taste just goes with the fish naturally. Have it with shrimp and then you will see.

It goes happy on the deck and guess what it is dirt cheap. Buy the cheap, general list ones at the lickbo. Avoid the Vintages stock and pay less than $10. The are just so good.

I know that Pinot Grigio will do the same thing but I just like the Vinho Verde better. So here is my choice with shrimp marinated in Limoncello and oregano then grilled….yummy


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