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End of Season Tour

May 25, 2009

Another footie season has passed. Sir Rod came over to watch the Spurs/Liverpool game and have some steaks, but before the game we went to Mastronardi and Aleksander. It was to have been a gang so I did the right thing and emailed ahead. Why??? Well if you show up with a big group you may not get enough glasses or the wine may run out or you simply may not fit. The winery knowing in advance lets them prep. I felt rather embarrassed to show um without the group but oh well.

While I am on the topic let me talk of winery manners. Here are some pointers:

  1. again, warn them if you have a group of six or more. Its not too much to ask and if you've co-ordinated a group, emailing an approximate time is easy or they may actually call the next winery for you

  2. don't chew gum….ever, unless you want to be looked down on

  3. it is not a bar…these are free samples

  4. don't get bent if they ask for a tasting fee…its due to #3

  5. be polite…these people are passionate about their wine and if you don't like it don't make a scene…

  6. they know more about their wine than you do and they know the industry….they can out “I taste sweatsocks” than you can. So don't show off or be arrogant…they won't be impressed with your latest purchase of a barrel of Yellowtail.

  7. Buy something

So I hope we have learned something. But what is new??? The Aleksander Chardonnay is superb. I bought some and am looking forward to it. The Baco went up a little but is still very nicely priced and the excellent Cabernet Sauvignon is sold out…oh well more will come soon I hope. At Mastronardi there are no new releases but wait for the new product as I think it will be great. I like the un-oaked Chardonnay and the Meritage is a steal right now. I just can't wait for the 07's and 08's to appear.


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