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A New Rant

May 25, 2009

What is happening to the wine down here. Our Appellations, Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island are not supposed to make good wine! Add in Quai and Rush Farms in Port Stanley and the local haters will have issues.

Wine only comes from the Licko and certainly YellowPenquin in so far superior and now add Fuzion and why would one ever buy local. The Licko must be right…shouldn't they???

Fade to a monastery in ancient China

No Grasshopper. They would like their Kung Fu to be strong and correct but they are wrong.

But Master Po can't you see that they are the smartest largest buyer in the world!!!!!

Grasshopper haven't you noticed that I am blind…thus Blind Master Po. It isn't Po Diddy!!! Now our enemy has no regard for taste or promoting our friends. Before you ask…they are into profits.

Go to any wine store in Detroit and see what is there. California, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan. Yes there is French and Aussie, BUT they promote their own. I do not buy the argument that the Americans are to stupid and unsophisticated to drink Yellowtail and Fuzion. When I can buy Chateau St Jean Chardonnay for $16 why not.

Our overlords make buckets of money selling us Aussie waste wine and South American. Why? Easy, because they but it cheap and sell it at about twice the US price. We pay over double for a certain Sonoma Pinot than Texas and Yellow whatever was selling at 5.99 in North Dakota. Yes the lickbo is our friend.

So how do they help local wines. VQA and Lickbo have the basically same tasting panel. Wonder why there are so man failing local wines. But I know of 3 wonderful local wines that were failed. Yellowtail is ok and good, but one of my favourite Chardonnays failed twice. Add my favourite Gewurtz to the list then another superb wine that hasn't been approved yet and yes, they do know what they are doing.

They approve the wine for VQA and then the same panel approves for Lickbo and guess what, they work for Lickbo. Ain't that wonderful. Our fearless leader, Dullton McGuinty, cares so much for the wineries and local jobs that his crown corporation makes life impossible for the wineries. Why not promote Local wines in the Licko like they do in the states. Maybe BC wines would be nice….guess they aren't good enough. Check out Church and State Pinot Noir and tell me that. Our economy is in the tank (but getting better) and that clown keeps serving us up Aussie plonk. Yup lets help multinationals but local business people don't count.

Now what can we do??? I take Sir Rod to the wineries and guess what he bought wine. I took Swifty and Jess and Fred had their wedding at one.

So: buy your wine at the winery. F*** Lickbo and those civil servants are going on strike soon anyway so just practice. Buy local wine from the producer so they get to keep more, Lickbo doesn't care about us so what should we do back…buy from the local producers and buy there, Keep the profits here rather than send them to Toronto.

Do not buy Cellared in Canada..its a crock that Lickbo uses to say they sell local…yeah local to Argentina (most of that plonk comes from there and then gets fraudulently labelled as Canadian).

Please search out the OVA and read the anti Cellared in Canada sites on Facebook.

And if Runciman gets the Tory nod vote Tory in the next election…he may do what he says and if he does that will be great. Besides he couldn't be worse than the current clowns..oh remember… the pie police (to non locals and my reader in France…the food inspectors too bleach to the church ladies egg salad sandwiches they had for a fundraiser…oi) the pit bull law that allows dog catchers to enter YOUR HOME without a warrant but the RCMP would need a warrant to search an Al Queda safe-house and the new .05 drinking law where you are guilty of a crime but it isn't a crime and you can't have your day in court and then m personal fav.. Dullton calling for handguns to be banned…sorry they already are and the local gang banger won't put his already illegal gun down. Oi I feel better now

While I'm at it…dismantle VQA and use the OVA model. Give me Appellation wine stores. Local cheese (oh yeah check out what our gov't does to cheese-makers). Yeah and let the RIM guy put a team in Hamilton and make the Leafs sweat and maybe put a decent product on the ice.

Canada is a great country, Essex County is a wonderful place to live and does have some beauty. Dalton….listen my son….the province isn't just Toronto….we need to support local fledgeling industries and make Ontario back into what it was before Bill Davis wrecked it.

To end the local wines are good and getting better every harvest, The vines are maturing and the varieties that grow well here are showing through. Add in Zinfandel, Tempernillo and even Nebbiolla to the mix and lets see. I hate it when I see Yellowcrap on the menu when I can get great reds from here cheaper and Chardonnays…don't get me started. I wanted to talk on the wines getting better here but the rant makes me feel better.


Oh Yeah…you can email me at if you don't want to join.

Vive la revolution!!!!

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