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Aleksander’s Pinot

May 18, 2009

After fighting with the door at my house all day, I decided that I just needed to relax. We purchased some lamb chops, local asparagus and had some mash potatoes and some wine.

The wine was the new Aleksander Pinot Noir which, like Muscedere's is a very low production wine and makes the area proud with its quality.

I gave the lamb a quick soak in some French olive oil with rosemary from the garden. I found 3 Portobello mushrooms in the fridge so they got garlic butter and balsamic vinegar then off to the grill.

The music was Rod Stewart doing the classic songs. He is really very good at this and is aging gracefully. This may be the perfect music for Pinot. Smooth coolness and class, not too heavy, but with lots of soul.

The wine was wonderful with the food. It was just so much better than the first bottle I had. Maybe, the extra 2 weeks in the bottle or I was in the right mood but the wine paired with the lamb and the mushrooms perfectly. Asparagus, well it hates wine, but I love it. Its a sure sign of spring when you see it at the stands. The fruit stands now have something to sell.

Lets look at the wine

Visual: deep dark red. This wine is way darker than I thought it would be. The legs….these are Condi legs for sure. Looking good so far.

Aroma: First off I got hit with lots of oak and the forest floor, This wine is all secondary (non fruit) aromas. I get leather, dirt, oak…all very nice and all classic Pinot aromas. So far so good.

Taste: Again, lots of secondary tastes, leather, dirt and forest. Then there is the dark cherries. This is classic Pinot. There is a good backbone of acid and there are good tannins. This wine is no lightweight. There is good mouth-feel and the wine is nicely balanced.

It mated perfectly with the lamb. It complemented it and the acid and tannin was able to cut through the fat of the lamb and all the butter we used and made the dinner much better. This wine could really come into its own in a couple of years but there is just so little of it.

Of the two bottles I have had (on different occasions) I tend to think that this wine is better suited to food than drinking alone. The backbone just works with food and does it so well. Lamb, duck, goose, pork, veal all would do this wine justice.

Enjoy this one while you can. And see, we can grow Pinot down here. And that is a good thing.


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