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Port Stanley Wines

May 13, 2009

I'm sorry that I have taken so long to post but I have been swamped. Long hours at work and a wedding in St Thomas. Now if one thinks we here in Windsor/Detroit have been decimated by this downturn, just go to St. Thomas. Its a bloodbath there. At least here we can hope the jobs will return, there the companies have left. Its really sad.

But the wedding was a good party and Terry got to see some old friends she hasn't seen for a while. A friend of the brides family is the owner of Quai du Vin a winery in St. Thomas, who supplied the dinner wine. We liked it so went there the next day.

Its funny when you haven't been to a winery for a few years then go again, how much things can change. The son went to Brock University's wine making program and has graduated and has basically changed the whole operation. There are still hybrids, but now there are more proper wines. I really liked the Barrel Fermented Chardonnay and the Rose and the Maple Wine. Very interesting.

He is making progress and that is good. They are very nice people and have a great facility so I want to like the wine and do.

What we tried: Riesling (quite nice), Chardonnay (unoaked and very light), Barrel Fermented Chardonnay (very nice), Rose (very nice), Cabernet Franc (good) and the Baco Noir (surprisingly good) and the Maple (strange but great).

So if you are around Port Stanley go to the winery and enjoy what they are doing.

Now we also went to Rush Creek Wines which make fruit wines. These rustic gems are what the whole country can do and these people do it right. There are some odd ones too! Rhubarb…neat, gooseberry (some people say gooseberry tastes like cat pee…i don't drink pee btw but it tastes like the essence of New Zealand Sauv Blanc) and then they spice up some. I like the slightly sweet ones (I get more fruit that way). The line is fun and if you go with an open mind you will leave with some. Its around the corner from Quai so go to both then to Port Stanley for food as the food there is quite good.


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