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Muscedere Pinot Noir

May 3, 2009

Yesterday, Terry and I did a country tour. We went to Wild Acre Cattle for steaks and then we went to Comber to see the flour mill. Well there is more there. Thibert Farms makes flour, bread, pancake mixes and actually he grows cattle. Again, these cattle are free from steroids and drugs, allowed to run free and should be good. They are available frozen at this time. We will get some next time. We got some flour, pancake mix and bread. We also had a great talk with them and the are so right. They believe in the concept of “personal farmer”…oh so cool!

Well dinner was local steak, local asparagus (sautéed in French butter), potatoes and of course the wine. The wine was Muscedere Pinot Noir. This was released last weekend and follows in the footsteps of the award winning Pinot of last year.

Music with dinner was Holly Cole. A wonderful smoky singer, who has alot of soul. I am so angry that I never saw her when I lived in Toronto as she played all over.

The wine is quite expensive at $35/ bottle but there only 50 cases, so the price is justified if and only if (iff from my university math days) the quality is there. I have problems at these elevated price points, but sometimes they are justified. Rob and Fab Muscedere and I have discussed this at length and they are cognizant of the issue. In their defence their yields should increase from their vineyards as their vines mature and as they increase acreage. I would rather pay more than have them expand by buying lesser quality fruit.

So lets look at the wine:

Visual: This wine is a deeper red than most Pinots and the legs….the legs were beautiful. As Swiffty would say: “I can taste the legs”…ok Swiffty is wrong but its funny, but it kinda works.

Aroma: The wine smells wonderful. It has all the elements of a great Pinot: dark cherry, earth, smoke. The secondary tastes (non-fruit based) predominate….just as one made in the old country. Very complex and nice.

Taste: This is a very good wine. It is well balanced and complex. Smokey, earthy and loads of black cherry. The acid and tannins are there so it does food well. I wish I could go on but this sums it up…it is a proper Pinot.

With the steak (local and non steroid and non antibiotic) the wine worked perfectly. The Muscedere has more than enough body to work with the steak. Remember, I keep the spices with this meat to a minimum so we didn't have to worry about a sauce to fight with. But with great meat you don't need to sauce it. There is weight here, ok its a Pinot, but a good one with size. I really think that with a wee bit of time this will be a great wine, but hell, I can't let the bottles I have keep saying “drink me…drink me” so I will try and keep this wine for special occasions.

So is it worth the price? I am thrifty, so I have trouble with the price, but I did buy the Andretti for more. So, I will answer it this way. At this price point it has to offer me something special, something better and I think this has. It hurts, but I do admit that.

It is also better than last years, and currently cheaper. Next years should be even better ( I haven't had any yet but last year was so perfect) so if my progressions are correct it should be around $25 which I can handle better. I just can't wait…….


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