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Bistro Lunch

April 26, 2009

My mum wanted to take Terry and I for lunch, so we went down to Bistro at the River. I/we like the place as the food isn't boring and they used to feature local wine. Unfortunately, Yellowtailhas made the wine-list and the local wines are down to a few with the ubiquitous Pelee Island Cellared in Ontario plonk prominent. If you don't know Cellared in Ontario is only 30% local. Its a fraud and sullies our reputation. The pre 1993 licences love it as does the LCBO as it makes them loads of money from plonk.

Well we were able to get a nice Sprucewood Chardonnay so all isn't bad. I just hate it when a place that was proud to sell local only breaks down. Jack's was first then the Bistro. The waitress didn't take it well when I asked but said that there was some local that the have that isn't listed. Why not list them…oi… but she then suggested that she would look for a Mastronardi Gewurtz for us… she was good and so was the lunch. Two bottles of wine, bruschetta (different and good) three lunches and the bill was $115. So mumsy was happy. I walked her to the door and she was smiling. One more glass of wine and she would have been singing.

So to the Bistro….MORE LOCAL WINE again. Keep what you have and add. Keep the food good too btw.

Still liked it and the location is great.

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