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Another Saturday Night

April 19, 2009

Today is awful, but yesterday was gorgeous. Allen Park Pete, aka, Pete the Younger came out to join us for dinner.

The dinner was steak from the Wild Acre Cattle Company in Woodslee, asparagus (alas no local yet) and German Potato Salad. The star was the wine, company and the steaks.

Due to my woeful sense of direction, Terry bought me a GPS for my birthday. Alas, the Cattle Company was not able to be found. Talking to the owner, he said try Concession 2 and yes it did exist on my GPS and you may want to try 1947 Concession 2 rather than Meyers Rd. Don't bank on it but it may help. The steaks were excellent as usual and cooked up very nicely.

APP brought a wonderful bottle of wine with him. An 06 Pinot Noir from Mark West. This was from Vintages and is a steal at ~ $23. From Sonoma and at 13.8% alcohol it is a real Pinot. Pinots that are ~15% alcohol are just too big for me and are just not right. Pinot should be delicate and fine not like an Aussie Shiraz. The wine was beautiful and was enjoyed on the patio prior to dinner.

Dinner's star was an 05 Andretti Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa. A real beauty and at ~$40 is dear but worth it. Mario Andretti opened this winery several years ago and attacked this project like he did in a race car. This is no ego winery, it is a real winery run by a race legend. The question is….why is it worth so much…I can buy Yellowtail for $12. Well for one, the Andretti is wine. Its is beautiful, rich and tasty.

The wine just looks beautiful in the glass, with great legs and beauty….it says “don't drink me just look at me”. The nose is wonderful too! Deep dark fruit and floral notes … I just swooned when I smelled it.

The taste…why bother just smell the beauty. Balance, complexity, fruit…deep dark fruit, wonderful tannins and good acid. I just can't say too much. A beauty. This wine is very well made and the taste shows it.

With the steak, it was great. Now remember I grilled the steak but only provided salt and pepper and a little smoke so there was no sauce ( why sauce a good steak…leave that to sirloin d' Elsie). This is a great food wine.

So worth 40. Certainly is. It gives strength, civility, great mouth feel and complexity. This is not a beginner's wine (it would ruin you) and just mimics the class of Mario Andretti. I'm gad I bought some and will relish the experience.

We had a great time and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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