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Sunday Dinner

April 2, 2009

Well I guess I was overcome that weekend, but on Sunday I made a Bolognese with the meat from the Woodslee Butcher. This meat looked wonderful at the shop and I just wondered how it would work in a ragu. Well, it was fine, but I messed up on quantities. I made way more thann usual thenstupidlyly added the whole ragu to poundnd of pasta. Oi way too much sauce but it was good, just more than I wanted.

Like I always say get to know our Butcher and make your life better.

Wine was one of my favourites, Ridgepoint Nebbiola. This baby is from one of my favourite wineries. Its in Niagara, right on the bench and represents what I want in a winery. Mauro, the owner is a hoot and his sister runs the restaurant, dad does the gardening and there are kids and animals around. This is Old Country and I love it. The Winery is nice, but the family makes it home.

This wine is so special. Nebbiolo is native to the Piedmont area of Italy. Mountainous and nearish the French Border, this area produces great BIG wines. Me a big wine…..YUP and I love it. Do not serve this with fish, but with meat, game, Northern Style pasta, life becomes very. Bad side is that this wine is always expensive. This was $40.

The vines are finicky too. Maybe it isn't common, because it doesn't like Canada too much. But Mauro grows it and yes he has issues with it and doesn't always get a crop, but when he does it is great.

Visual: the wine is really deep red. The legs were wonderful and flowed slowly to the wine..very slowly. I would call these Condi legs on a good day, but Terry gets mad.

Aroma: deep dark fruit….very dark, like prune plums and black cherries. Throw in some earthy leather, tobacco and you have a complex wonderful nose.

Taste: this wine is very complex and well made. I tasted leather, dark fruit, dark forest floor and a good acid/tannin balance. This wine is very very dark tasting but very good.

The wine partnered very well with the Bolognese which itself is very dark and complex. I bet if I had added mushrooms (it wouldn't have been a Bolognese then btw) it would have been even better. I have to think that boar with this would be heaven.

A great wine from a great winery. What more can I say except I want more of it and will have to wait till he has some. I'm glad I can get some Ontario version of this Italian classic. I just hope the winter didn't hurt his crop too much.

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