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Might Meritage

April 1, 2009

So the Liverpool victory party continued for another weekend as they demoed Aston Villa 5 nil so what do I do that evening. Well, we had the steaks (from the Woodslee fellow) grilled with a little fleur de sel and pepper. Wine was Muscedere Meritage and the music was Tony Bennett and KD Lang. Yes they made an album together and it is just magical.

As you know, I really believe that you can can and should match music to the wine. Just like the food/wine interface, I think there is a music/wine interface. A light wine likes light music, complex wine wants complex music. ZZ Top wants beer not Pinot Noir….now think of that and I bet you cringed. I love ZZ Top, but not with Pinot. Mel Torme… well that's another story. Put that on the stereo and enjoy!

Well enjoy I did…and so did Terry. The steaks were amazing. Aged steak is amazing and we civilians do not get them often. After 5 goals I deserved it.

The wine: Glorious, simply glorious. I don't know how they manage. Well I do actually. Old school vineyard technique, tenacious hard work in the vineyard, hand picking, quick pressing, little pumping, just good winery techniques. Simple isn't it??? Then why do so man others get it wrong?

Visual: dark red, bright, great legs…looking good

Aroma: leather, dark deep fruit, complex nice

Taste: deep dark fruit, nice acid, tannins are in balance and the oak is there but not upfront. This wine is wonderful. Full of taste and balance. I like it.

With the steak it was grand. I didn't put any sauce or spice on the steak. I let the flavour come out and with this steak it didn't need anything to help it. The pair danced together beautifully.

I can't say too much about this wine. It may be the best Meritage down here….No new challenge in the works….this wine is wonderfully balanced and is done in the Old School style that I love. I want more and just wait till this weekend and when 'Pool destroys someone again the good stuff will be out again.

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