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Spring is Here!!!

March 22, 2009

Spring is officially here!! The Dairy Freeze opened on Thursday and as usual the cars are there. This is a country thing but it is a good indicator that spring has sprung. Add to that, my favourite fruit stand has opened. Ok they just have greenhouse stuff but it is local and fresh.

Saturday Terry wanted to find a couple of local places. She really is into honey so its off to a apiary. This will be on the map and besides I have no idea where it was…well kinda north of here. Condon's is the place and I was impressed. This is an operation and it was very clean. The lady was very knowledgeable and honest about their product.

Then it was off to the Butcher, actually the Wild Acre Cattle Company. What a find! In Woodslee about due east of EweDell on Meyers Road, right by the 401. Talk about close to the food. He talked of 'the cow the meat came from'. Being not too big, he aged it a little less. Trust me it didn't need more. No steroids, antibiotics and the cow got to run around…what can I want more!! We bought some T-Bones and at ~ 9.50 a pound they are a steal. A little oil, pepper and salt, they grilled beautifully. They were tender, tasty and just wonderful. These were restaurant grade.

So did we save Did we have an adventure…yes. Did we get to know where our food came from….yes!

What I am learning is that Organic is way over-rated. Get meat veg etc from a 'proper farmer'. No steroids or antibiotics, grown right, with proper sustainable methods. This is basically Organic but without the accreditation and stupid stuff and high prices (organic may not be that sustainable). They don't use the steroids but that the Franken Food providers want. Big chickens mean bigger profits(with added water too!! just like that 'seasoned pork' just add chemicals and water…adds weight therefore profits)….Elsie the dairy cow gives alot more milk on steroids, but the quality is low and she can't produce as long. Try Amish butter and you will see what I mean….fresh, clean and tastes the commercial stuff doesn't have. This is the same with meat. We are willing to pay for real meat, that is healthy and tasty.

The “map” (to local farms)will be coming out soon and there is another “secret project” soon too!!!. Support our local farmers, eat better, healthier and keep the money here and know the food is produced to OUR STANDARDS not to some oppressive totalitarian state or a struggling country that may bend the rules.

I am just waiting to make a ragu from the ground beef….yummy! Asparagus in 3 weeks btw

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