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A Fun Little White

March 22, 2009

Time to do a wine review. After we got home, I needed a drink to warm up for the bbq. The choice was to be a lighter white as we prepped the sweet potatoes, mushrooms and steaks.

The choice was a Riesling: who would have thunk it eh?? This one was from Erie Shores. This was one of the first local wineries I visited and I was taken by just how nice they were. Alma explained the growing degree days and how this area is suited to grapes. Then we had some wine and we have been friends ever since. They have a very strong local following and it is seen at their open houses. At other wineries there is alot of German iron in the lot, but there there seems to be more American product, new, mind you, but local. They put on great open houses and Terry and I try not to miss them.

The Riesling is done in a very crisp style and reminds me of Vinho Verde the way it looks in the glass. I saw very little bubbles for the first bit that dissipated. When I saw this I figured that as in Vinho Verde, that there will be a strong presence of acid..I wasn't disappointed.

Visual: in the glass the wine was bright and cheerful. It was a light gold colour and had good slow developing legs. That is a good sign.

Aroma: I sensed a slight petrol smell which is good but loads of green apples and peaches. The aroma was very nice.

Taste: the wine is very crisp with a good mouth-feel. There is a good backbone of acid with some mineral…nice. The taste mimics the smell as it is full of green apple and peach. This is a fun wine which is easy to drink.

Now, what do you do with it. I find this wine great to drink by itself, especially on the patio (ok if it was a wee bit warmer) or have it with some local fried pickerel or perch. The acid would tear through the fat. This is a fun wine and I see their line going that way. Summer Sun is a fabulous deck wine and I see this one in that vein too. Treat it like you would treat a good friend and you will be rewarded and you are supporting a really nice family when you buy from them. So bag the Fuzions, Yellow Tails and Penguins of the world and drink this nice local quoiffer instead.


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