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It’s Beautiful Day!!!!

March 14, 2009

This has been and “interesting” week, but it has had two highpoints. Wednesday, Liverpool demolished Real Madrid at Anfield and just now Liverpool demolished Man U at Old Trafford 4 to 1. Yes my friends 4 to 1. And it was in Manchester. Well they did the double on them and now the league is still in play. Add in that my “wonderful” ex-wife is a massive Man U (scum is the term used in 'Pool) fan and this day has started great.

So, what for dinner?? I have Sancerre, Pinot, Syrah, Nebbiola, Malbec, Meritage, Chardonnay all available…..what is a man to do. Well Terry can't make up her mind so let's see what the market has to offer….stuffed veal chops with prociutto(local artisinal) and goat cheese…I like that…Lamb chops…yummy…. steaks.. you a nice t-bone would be cool…I'm so confused…..all I know is that the Sancerre will go with some chevre as an appie course and then …gee I don't know….fish/fowl and Chardonnay???? How about Riesling…oi I'm just too happy.

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