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And the Winner Is

February 25, 2009

Wasn't it apropos that my class sampled a flight of Chardonnays last evening. Funny that my two favourites were nicely oaked Chardonnays from Malivoire (organic and gravity pumping and from Niagara) and the Burgundian I reviewed in this series. The heavier oaked ones seemed so unidimensional and just blah. Why hide good fruit with heavy oak. Is there something to hide?

So here is my favourite from the series which I reviewed. Please note that ViewPointe's Barrel Fermented is not included as its price is almost double of the average and thus should be much better.

Terry's favourite was/is Aleksander's. A veritable bargain and a very stylish well crafted white. Remember, she really doesn't like oak at all.

My favourite was/is Mastronardi Barrel Fermented. I really like the richness and the nicely balanced oak.

The question is balance and taste. Acid/mineral…fruit/oak….these did it right. Not burnt American oak that just is too strong and overpowering. Drink an French Chardonnay and they aren't oak monsters. That's a New World issue. And I really like the way the French make white wine. Oh yes the do reds well to but try the whites. These winners best reflect the way I think Chardonnay should be made.

Was there a loser? Not at all. If I used a numerical scale the marks would be very close. All these wines were well crafted, balanced and a bargain. Why buy an overoaked Aussie chew toy when we make these here? I cannot answer this at all.

So there you have it.

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