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Food and Wine Show

February 23, 2009

How appropriate was it to hold the first Wine and Food show at a closed auto plant. It is the passing of one industry to a new one. I don't think that automotive will ever go away completely but due to conditions it will never be what it was.

The facility is large, clean and bright. With CAW approved washrooms this could be a great venue. But alas all wasn't great. It was very cold inside and the weather was quite bad. Not as bad as predicted but bad.

The crowd was sparse but thats ok as it was very crowded on Friday night. We met with our winery pals and got to talk. All were there except Sanson.

New stuff: Auxerrois from ViewPointe is out and its very good.

Muscedere had the pre-release of their Cab Franc.

Erie Shores had a new Ridge Red, Baco and Cabernet. These are all very nice and The Baco was very very quaffable. I actually bought a bottle!

Foodwise, there was a good variety and what we had was good and priced fairly.

Of interest was a couple who make wood boxes for wine bottles. Started 6 days ago, they had some great product and I wish them well. The can cut any message on them and they look great. Fine stuff from a local couple.

Music was good but too loud for my tastes.

So to me this was a very successful first show. They could fix up the place a wee bit and that would help, add some heat and we could have a fine festival.


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