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The Last Chardonnay…I Promise….Maybe

February 19, 2009

Now we are finally getting to the end of this journey. Have I saved the best for last?? Well maybe, maybe not.

This wine was served to my class during my last presentation. As usual the ancient projector crashed my Mac, and I got a 24×24 screen. Not fun but the presentation went well. The instructor limited me to 2 wines…oi…so I made due with a Reserve Merlot that Eadie dug out for me from the cache (it will be available again in the spring. It will be dear but it is very good). Btw, my class loved it and this one too!

We didn't have this wine with food when I wrote this. We have before and it works well. Terry and I were relaxing and had this as a treat. The wine is Mastronardi Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. This style is supposed to be oaky, but if done judiciously oak is good. And Lyse controlled the oak wonderfully on this. Ooops Lyse is the winemaker and by now you know I think women tend to be better winemakers. Maybe they try harder, but I think that they tend to be more restrained and avoid that BIG taste that traps so many men.

Now lets look at the wine.

Visual: this wine has a rich golden look. Its bright and clear and has great legs….Condi legs. Okay, she's retired now and I may need a new Gold-Standard, but until Sarah makes a comeback its Condi.

Aroma: on the nose there is a festival. Alot is going on and to me it smells like it looks. Rich, very rich, with vanilla, nectar, honey and those rich exoticy fruits. I get a whiff of yeasty bread smell. I love it. This is a complex nose.

Taste: the taste again mimics the nose. Rich, complex, but muted. This is not “in our face” its just 'there'. I get vanilla, smoke oak and citrus. The acid is nicely balanced and gets help in the backbone with the mineral finish. The total finish is nice and long and this wine is fine.

This Chardonnay is wonderful, complex, refined and goes well with food. Remember down below the clay is limestone so mabey just maybe we will get some of that soon in the wines so we have the right terroir for Chardonnay, and this is a great one. Try it and enjoy.

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