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Weather Update

February 8, 2009

Wine and weather. They go together.

To be honest this winter blew chunks. The only good thing, is when Al Gore and his minions tried to have a Global Warming meeting, it snowed them out. Funny, but I think God hates him too. Did you know that Al owns a company that sells carbon credits and got bags of cash to re-brand Global Warming as Man Made Climate Change. That makes it easier to explain temperature changes that go down rather than up. If you look to the press there is global warming every 20 years and entering an ice age on the alternate 20 year cycle. So its ice age time again soon.

Well it was cold. Cold is not good for grape vines. Deadly actually. It was well below the killing temperature so things look bad. We will know how bad in April. Some think ~80% bad, but maybe just maybe it won't be that bad. I was flummoxed when I was shown a vine that had zero damage and it was thought that it won't be bad at all. Some varieties may be hurt but the vines were long dormant so it might not be that bad.

I hope he is right. I really hope.

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